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At Dearing Violins Ltd, we invite you to delve into the world of rare musical treasures, where history and artistry intertwine to create harmonious masterpieces. Our curated collection of antique violins and bows transports you to an era of elegance and refinement, offering musicians an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the past while creating soul-stirring melodies for the present.

Restoration and Care Of Antique Violins

Here at Dearing Violins Ltd, we hold the preservation of musical heritage close to our hearts. Our team of expert luthiers ensures that each antique violin and bow is restored with the utmost respect for its authenticity and integrity. We also provide comprehensive guidance on maintenance and care to ensure your instrument stands the test of time.

Global Reach

With a network of contacts that spans the globe, we ensure that musicians from every corner of the world have access to exceptional instruments and bows. Whether you’re in search of a masterfully aged violin from Europe or an innovative bow from Asia, our international presence ensures that you can explore a diverse range of options. 

Unveil the true essence of your music with instruments that resonate on a profound level. Join us at Dearing Violins Ltd and embark on a journey of sonic exploration, artistic expression, and musical fulfilment. 

Global Appeal, Local Touch

With customers spanning the UK, India, China, Dubai, Japan, and the USA, Dearing Violins Ltd understands the diverse needs of musicians across continents. We offer personalised consultations to guide you through our collection, ensuring you find an instrument that aligns with your artistic vision and technical requirements.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, explore our collection, and experience the world of fine violins and bows like never before. Your masterpiece awaits.

For Sale
Nicolas Vuillaume, Circa 185O

A finer example antique violin you will not find. No cracks and a tone to match his brother Jean Baptiste Vuillaume.

LOB 358 mm
Florian Leonhard Certificate

Antique Violins and Bows

For Sale
George Wulme Hudson, Circa 1930

A fine antique English violin by George Wulme Hudson, circa 1930

This beautiful Gagliano copy looks as good as it sounds. A very convincing copy from one of England’s best ever makers and copyists.

LOB: 354 mm
Condition perfect

Antique Violins and Bows

For Sale
W.E Hill & Sons, 1918

Another exemplary antique violin made by the world renowned W.E Hills & Sons at the end of the 1914-1918 war.

A beautiful Strad model made using the finest of woods.

The tone is remarkably good and the condition is excellent.

LOB: 357 mm

Antique Violins and Bows

For Sale
George Wulme Hudson, London

This is an antique violin by one of the most respected English makers of the 20th century, George Wulme Hudson. It’s a brilliant sounding violin suitable for a budding soloist, and in excellent condition.

Labelled Antonio Gragnani this is an extremely well-made violin in the style of Antonio Gragnani.

Owned, loved and played by a brilliant London violin player for many years.

The tone is very mature and dark, not lacking power.

LOB: 356 mm

Antique Violins and Bows

For Sale
W. E. Hill & Sons, 1895 No.94

A Strad copy from Hills golden period in perfect condition with a back that rivals a William Turner sunset. A true work of art.

This violin is also featured in Bruce Babbitts book ‘The Wanderer’ on pages 186-187.
The back is one piece of flamed maple and a table of two pieces of fine-grained spruce. It Boasts a highly flamed and immaculately cut maple inked scroll all covered in a beautiful varnish unique to the violins made by Hills in this golden period.
The tone is strong and focused with the violin being able to produce a large dynamic range.

LOB: 358 mm

Bein & fushi Certificate

Antique Violins and Bows

For Sale
Leopold Widhalm, Circa 1750

A magnificent example covered in the better of his two varnishes with original Hills certificate and receipt.

The violin holds its own against Gaglianos,Pressendas and many other top names.(At a tenth of the price) So very easy to play,extremely even and has power.

No sound post cracks and in fantastic condition.

Dendrochronology also matches this antique violin to other Leopold Widhalm violins.

L.O.B: 354 mm

W.E Hills & Sons certificate and receipt for 1950.

Antique Violins and Bows

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